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Painting crew chases down porch pirates who stole Christmas presents

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - We hear these stories over and over again, especially this time of year.

Porch pirates stealing packages and taking off. But this time, some watchful eyes noticed something suspicious and tried to stop the men who were targeting a Franklin Township residence.

A home surveillance video shows it took just 26 seconds for one man to swipe three packages and get back in a getaway car. But not before two painters  spotted them.

"There was a car going up and down the street and he said I'm watching these guys. He goes these guys are up to something. Soon as he said that not 30 seconds later the door opened, the back door and one of them jumped out and ran up to the house and grabbed some packages and jumped back in and they took off," Mike said.

While Mike and his brother watched the theft happen in real time the homeowners saw it through their doorbell app seconds later when the notification came to their phone.

"My wife called me immediately after and said did you just see that? Someone just stole packages from our front porch," William Lewis said.

The painters said they didn't think twice about following the three men in what looked like a gold Ford Taurus.

"I said come on let's follow them and I called 911 and didn't catch them but we watched them throw the packages out the window and I picked them up," Mike said.

Mike followed the car and was able to retrieve one of the packages they tossed out the window. A child's toy, but the homeowner says they kept the three video games he ordered.

He posted about the theft on the Franklin Township crime page where other neighbors say they also saw a gold Ford Taurus in the neighborhood.

"My wife is literally is just terrified now because she says at this point you know what's going to keep them from coming back and breaking in next time or trying to get in the house. It's just a violation of privacy that really shouldn't happen," Mike said.

And even though Mike didn't catch up with the thieves, he says he had to at least try.

"Because people work hard for their money and it's wrong and it needs to stop. Somebody's gotta do something every little bit helps."

The Lewis family did file a police report. They’re waiting to see if other tips from people in the neighborhood help police catch the thieves.