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Community Hero honors man giving hope to former inmates

At 16 years old Damon Lane shot a man during a robbery and later spent time in prison.  When he was released one big question loomed.  Would Damon become a statistic and return to a life of bad behavior possibly ending up back behind bars or would he turn his life around.  Over the next 2 decades he answered that question.

Today Damon is part of the Mayor's Office of Ex-Offender Re-Entry program working with the city's nonprofits, churches and businesses to find jobs for former inmates.  Damon told us,  "I'm always called an anomaly and I don't believe in that.  I don't believe in that. There's nothing unique about Damon. I just made a decision, stayed committed and this is where I am today."

Damon visits with offenders in prison every Wednesday and is planning to start law school.   That is just the beginning of Damon Lane's story told with the police detective who arrested him when Damon was just 16 years old.  Damon is proof all things are possible and together his story with Captain Craig Converse is truly inspiring.

His challenge to Indianapolis businesses is to give people a second chance to build their lives because you never know where that second chance will lead.  Damon shows us the sky is the limit!  Congratulation Damon Lane on being the December Community Hero of the Month!!