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Marion County Sheriff’s office to continue arrestee transport, hospital services through middle of 2018

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Marion County Sheriff John Layton says his office will continue to provide key arrestee management services through the middle of next year.

The 2018 handover of the transportation of arrestees is dependent upon a Mayor Hogsett administration audit of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department budget.

On August 14, Layton announced his office would no longer transport arrestees from the arrest site or provide security while inmates are housed at Marion County hospitals.

The news came just two hours before Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced the city budget, which included more than $13 million for IMPD, but cut more than $600,000 from the sheriff’s department. Layton said the services are not mandated obligations of the sheriff’s department.

IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said he would need several months and a huge budget appropriation to take over the transportation and processing of arrestees.

Following criticism of the sheriff’s 2018 budget from Republicans, Hogsett agreed to seek an outside firm to audit Layton’s spending.

Sheriff Layton issued this statement:

“The men and women of the MCSO perform a value service to help support their fellow law enforcement officers throughout the county.  These arrestee services deputies are unique in Indiana, and they are recognized experts in what they do.  I am fully confident that by working with the Council and Controller, we can fine tune the current system to help address the financial demands currently facing the MCSO.  For example, today, there are 300 convicted felons in the Marion County Jail system that previously would be serving time at the Indiana DOC.  This population stresses the entire MCSO budget.  I am very confident that over the next six months, we can figure arrestee services out by working closely together.”