Save money on bill by bundling TV, internet, home security services

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -  In the past, customers would get separate bills for TV,  internet, phone and home security, but now more companies are offering mega bundles.  In one case you can bundle cable TV, home security, internet and phone services.

"The camera system I got is phenomenal.  We have high definition cameras throughout the house inside and outside.  There's great night vision coverage as well, so it really illuminates at all times," said James Somerville, Comcast customer.

Security systems are the latest system you can add to a bundling program.  The systems are growing in popularity because they give you peace of mind, and they don't take a big chunk out of your paycheck.  It costs Somerville $30 a month with Xfinity.

"The installation price fluctuates depending on how many cameras and door and window alarms are installed.  But the service cost to monitor is the same regardless," said Somerville.

Mike Wilson works for Comcast. He told FOX59, they are now rolling out a variety of products for home security and lighting control that are internet-based. You probably don't think of Comcast as running your security system or your lights, but their goal is whole home service with a bundle. They are also offering cell phone service that many don't know about. Despite what they offer, they encourage people to shop around to all companies, because there's always a deal.

"So look for a great bundle, but  make sure you're going to use the stuff you're bundling. Bundling can be a  double-edged sword because you can get some really good prices on stuff, just make sure you're using whatever you pick up," said Mike Wilson, Public Relations Director for Comcast Indiana.

More companies are offering integrated products that look good as well. They realize home owners want both form and functionality. On top of the security and cable, Somerville has a smart thermostat and lighting control.

"When I arm the system for night when I go to bed, all the lights in the home turn off, the temperature adjusts itself for night time wrapped up in a blanket. I can have the temperature down more, which makes us a little bit more green.  And I can also change any setting from the app on my cell phone, wherever I am," said Somerville.

Any home owner can save some green, simply by notifying their insurance company that they have smoke detectors. That will drop your monthly bill.  More companies are integrating products from businesses they don't own.  Just check which companies work together. For Xfinity, they are adding to their home security features by working with Chamberlain garage doors.

"I can remotely control both my garage doors from anywhere.  I've had my neighbor come over and let my dog out when I'm was going to be working late.  I don't have to give them a key to my house, and I know that they are coming in," said Somerville.

More and more companies are setting up for you to be able to control anything electronic and offer it up on one bill.  It's just a matter of researching what's best for you and your needs.