Browns fans bring humor to ‘0-16’ parade in downtown Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- Fans of the worst team in the NFL ended the season today at noon as they circled FirstEnergy Stadium to memorialize a winless season and perhaps humiliate Browns team management in Cleveland's first perfect season parade.

Cleveland police say between 2,500 to 3,200 people were in attendance.

"We have no idea to speculate if it's going to be hilariously small or hilariously big," said Browns fan, Bridgete Soeder.

Hate it or love it, fans planning to drive floats or deck out their cars lined up in Tremont Friday to get tickets.

"We send a message. We show the Browns that we've got a voice and raise a lot of money and bring in a lot of canned food for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank," said McNeil.

The Cleveland Browns on Saturday both thanked, and apologized, to dedicated fans who stood in the frigid temperatures this morning for the Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0.

Read the full statement, below:

“We greatly appreciate the passion of all our fans and we apologize to them for not making 2017 an enjoyable season. We certainly hear them and understand their frustration. Obviously, we want the same thing as our fans; winning results. We are committed to doing everything we can to improve and build them the type of team they most certainly deserve.”