January thaw continues with new snow chances

Fog is thick in spots and could worsen before sunrise at 8:06 a.m. but no advisory, at this time, is in place. Considering temperatures are below freezing, fog could freeze on contact with road surfaces to create black ice issues, especially on bridges and overpasses. After sunrise, conditions will slowly improve and temperatures will steadily rise into the upper 30s by 4 p.m. The skies may actually brighten at times, but clouds will dominant for state again today.

Tonight, temperatures will hold steady and remain ABOVE freezing, as rain chances return in the overnight, beginning a larger push of warmth! Expect a duration of over 72 hours of above freezing temperatures. Any remaining snow on the ground should be gone by Friday afternoon, as rain chances will be us.

A new snow system is in the works for Friday night and into Saturday morning. It's too early to make a call on accumulations, but the system is something to watch! The key for anything decent in the terms of snow will depend on three key things: 1) how quick our temperatures fall 2) how much moisture is available once temperatures get cold enough and 3) the actual storm track itself. Details forthcoming in the days ahead! Enjoy the warmth until then because regardless of the snow coming or not, a new cold surge is definitely coming for the weekend.