Young girl answers knock at door, thief allegedly steals wallet from inside home

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Investigators say a woman was arrested after stealing and taking advantage of a family.

A few days after Christmas, a mother reported to Speedway police that her young daughter answered the door when a stranger knocked. Police say the stranger forced her way inside the home and took off with a wallet. During the crime, the mother was in the next room, changing a diaper.

“I’ll be vigilant. I’ll be on the lookout,” said Steve Schabel, a father of three who lives nearby.

The crime happened in the 2100 block of Allison Avenue. Police tracked the stolen credit cards to a CVS a few miles away at 16th and Tibbs. Investigators released surveillance pictures of the suspect using the stolen credit cards. The drugstore was one of at least 10 locations where there stolen credit cards were allegedly used.

“I think now there are a lot of bold people and they prey on children and senior citizens. That is scary,” said Susan Jackson, a neighbor.

Detectives don’t believe the thief targeted the specific home. It appears this was just a crime of opportunity.

There are several families with young children that live on the block. One mother expressed how thankful she was that the crime didn’t turn violent.

“Anything could’ve happen. She could’ve had a gun if the mom would’ve caught her in time, who knows what would have happened,” said Angela Miller, a mother of two.

Police have not yet released the suspect’s name. Charges are pending. Investigators believe there could be more arrests related to the case.