Starting the year off on the right foot

Did you know your feet and your toenails can tell you a lot about your health? Dr. Ken Stumpf is a Podiatrist with Community Health Network and is here with the nitty gritty.

Nails should be healthy pink.

What to watch for:

Yellow nails could mean fungus, thyroid disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, psoriasis.

Red, blue or cold toes could mean circulation problems, tingling or numb feet could be sign of neuropathy

Recurring ingrown toenail may be sign of diabetes complications or circulatory problems.

Pitted or thick  may be sign of psoriasis, nail cups inward like a spoon may be sign of iron deficiency.

Best way to clip your toenails is to cut nails straight across. The best socks to avoid sweaty feet are socks made of synthetic fibers are better than cotton or wool because they wick away moisture faster.