Local teens hosting ‘Take A Stand’ rally to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - As we get ready to honor the life of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., a local group of teens will come together with their peers and city leaders to take a stand against violence.

The youth of We Live Indy are ready for another year of fighting on the front lines against crime in the Circle City.

Founder, Brandon Warren, his peers and the Warren Central Athletic Department will host a "Take a Stand" youth rally Monday.

They're inviting all teens city wide to come out and join in their mission.

"Of course it being in honor of MLK and his image so my vision is to have it as a domino effect to have teenagers from many different communities and high schools take something back with them to their community that they can use to persuade other teenagers to follow them in a positive direction," Warren said.

Warren Central A.D. Marques Clayton says teens will be the driving force in this peace movement.

"We have such a great backdrop with Martin Luther King Jr. birthday but we're also celebrating the 50th anniversary of his assassination and when we talk about the civil rights movement in the late 50's and 60's that movement let's just say went to the next level once the college kids, the youth got involved and we see We Live Indy as providing that same charge."

The rally takes place Monday from noon until 2 p.m. at Warren Central High School, door 27. If you can’t make it, the event will be broadcast live on the MIC network.