Your Town Friday: Indy native brings Hawaii to Fishers

Fishers, Ind. - You made it to Friday! Let's celebrate with a new edition of Your Town Friday. We're starting off the year in Hamilton County!

"New year, new you!" as they say. But Brinna Voege prefers to say, "New year, eat more poke!" She even put it on a sign leading into her restaurant, Main Street Poke.

"I ate it all the time in California and I’m born and raised here in Indy so I wanted to bring it back!"

Voege co-owns Main Street Poke, Indiana's first poke restaurant.

The second location just opened in Fishers less than a month ago, but they already have countless regulars.

"We know people by name and by their bowl!"

Poke is a Hawaiian dish made of sliced raw fish served in a bowl. Think of it like a sushi roll unwrapped and in a bowl.

Voege has the classics, but also catered the menu to her audience.

"Here at Main Street Poke we do a little twist to it for the Midwest.  We added some chicken and pork cooked options, so it’s not just your traditional poke where it’s just the diced up raw fish. Here we allow you to have cooked options, which is a lot different than any normal poke restaurant."

Voege picked the heart of the Nickel Plate District for a reason.

"I love that Fishers is growing and becoming a destination spot, especially on 116th Street. So for us to get a spot on 116th Street,  we’re honored to be here."

It was nearly a year ago when Your Town Friday visited the city's Nickel Plate District when the push started to make it a thriving downtown.

Since then, people who live here have been given new places to eat and shop local, with more to come. And it's needed because Fishers is growing rapidly.

More than 86,000 people live in the city today, far from where it started back in 1872 when it was called Fishers Switch! Years later it was called Fishers Station, which made sense because Fishers was built next to a railroad.

And it's all making sense for Voege, as she serves up a taste of paradise in central Indiana!

The owners expect to open a third location soon.