Bitter cold still holds but a new warm up is coming


We are heading to the ninth sub-zero night of the season and we've been on an incredible pace so far this winter. This is the most below zero nights in a season to date in 28 years after a low of -5° in Indianapolis Tuesday morning. Some of the colder morning lows included -7° in Monrovia and -9° in Terre Haute.

We are forecasting area-wide lows below zero Wednesday morning with a wind-chill of -5° to -15°--not cold enough for an advisory but still dangerously low. Bundle up! As high pressure moves in there will be clearing. Along with the lighter winds, snow on the ground and some clearing we are expecting the low to dip to -6° early Wednesday morning.


It’s bitterly cold again, but I have some good news. We are halfway through meteorological winter! Good Tuesday evening.

We use the months of December, January and February as the "winter months" and so far this winter--particularly January--has been awfully cold. January 2018 is running 10-degrees per day below normal and a full 11-degrees colder than last January.

To date it ranks as the coldest January in 36 years! The winter temps are weighted heavily on the cold January we are having. 57% of the days since Dec. 1 have been below normal. The ferociousness of the cold is what is really impressive. We have already had eight nights below zero and are headed for our ninth tonight. That is the most to date and so early in the season since 1990!