New January thaw coming soon as arctic air is expected to ease


The arctic air is easing. Brace for more cold temperatures Wednesday night, but we will not go below zero.

We've been sub-zero nine times already this season. That is the most to date for so early on in a season since 1990. Checking weather records, 1990 ended with only nine sub-zero lows, so could that bode well for us?

We are losing the connection to the polar branch of the jet stream and a second January thaw is getting underway. As the jet stream flattens, the temperatures will rise. We are forecasting temps near 50-degrees this weekend.

I'm posting below the changes in the upper air pattern from Wednesday to Saturday. Note the colder colors retreating north.

Longer range, the return of the bitter cold looks to be on hold for the next two weeks. Even beyond the end of January, the opening days of February show now arctic blasts at this distance but a more seasonal brand of chill. We will monitor. Still, a long way to go before we can really put bitter cold behind us!