Winter’s grip eases slowly, more sunshine today too!

Skies will be clear this morning and temperatures still frigid but not as harsh as it has been of late. Bright sunshine, dry conditions and a southwest breeze will move our temperatures up nicely this afternoon. This should add in some snow and ice melt on roads still covered, especially on driveways and sidewalks. The forecast high today is 33°, above freezing, and the first time possibly since last Friday. Some areas will not get there but still a great day ahead!!!

Additional sunshine on the way Friday, too, before clouds, fog and a temperature inversion begins to roll in this weekend! Heavier clouds will be possible Saturday and into Sunday while showers begin to creep in before the weekend ends! Even with the changes to the sky conditions, 40 and 50° temperatures will still be possible and snow melting will continue through Monday, as heavier rains and wind return.