Where were you in 1994? Coldest ever in Indianapolis on this date

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Where were you on this date in 1994? Hopefully inside!
From the “It could be worse files”:  On this date Indianapolis sets the all-time coldest temperature of -27°. The old scale wind chill was -43°!

Friday January, 19 marks the 24-year anniversary of the coldest low temperature ever in Indianapolis at -27° (yes that is actual air temperature) and the coldest low ever in the state of Indiana.  The record is held by are neighbors to the south in New Whiteland where the thermometer reached -36°!

It was a wide-spread deep freeze that included many locations in the Midwest . It may have even been the first time viewers ever heard me refer to the infamous “Polar Vortex”

The week of January, 16-21 is some of the coldest on record for the city with each of the six dates at -20° or colder.  The “dead of winter” is not a meteorological term but it does refer to the coldest time of the winter.


January 16 : -20° 1977/1972

January 17: -20° 1977

January 18: -22° 1994

January 19: -27° 1994 * all-time coldest for Indianapolis

January 20: -22° 1985

January 21: -21° 1984

And for those of us in the news biz you will appreciate that I went LIVE in front of a Bank time and temp display in South Bend that night. Of course, to tell folks it’s really cold outside and to stay indoors! (Larry Ford, I know you’re reading this!!!)
Bitterly cold high pressure had settled south under clear skies. With snow on the ground the temperatures plummeted!  That was the real ‘POLAR VORTEX’.  The old standard wind-chill index dipped to -40 to -50 below zero.  Below the weather map from that January morning.
Other area low temperatures on that barbarically cold morning included -35° Martinsville (Morgan co), -33° in Spencer (Owen Co) -31° Crawfordsville (Montgomery Co).
The all-time state record would be set in New Whiteland (Johnson Co) at -36°
Enjoy the thaw through the weekend.   It will be more cloudy, damp and foggy at times but we will keep warming through Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!
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