Anderson police arrest teen accused of crashing car into gun store, stealing firearms

Photo of Javonte J. Johnson

ANDERSON, Ind. – Anderson police arrested a teen accused of crashing a car into a gun store last weekend in order to steal firearms.

Javonte J. Johnson, 18, faces charges of burglary, possession of a firearm without a license, and receiving stolen property.

Police say Johnson and at least one other suspect created an opening on the south end of Crack Shot Guns by driving a vehicle into the building. Johnson and another man got out of the vehicle, stole some guns, and left the store. Surveillance cameras captured the theft.

The business was targeted during a string of break-ins at Anderson area gun stores in 2015. Those thefts involved more than a hundred stolen weapons.

Police say they are still searching for at least one other suspect. Anyone with information about the crime should call the Anderson Police Department at (765) 648-6775 or Crime Stoppers at (765) 649-8310.