Committee passes bill to allow CBD oil sales, sends it to full Senate

File photo.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A Senate committee approved a bill Tuesday which would allow the sale and possession of CBD oil with up to .3 percent THC by Hoosiers.

SB 52 passed 7-2 in the corrections and criminal law committee and will now head to the full Senate for debate. There are multiple other bills regarding CBD oil being considered this year at the statehouse, including SB 294 and SB 214.

An amendment in SB 52 gets rid of the need for a state registry for CBD oil users and raises the acceptable THC limit to .3 percent.

State Attorney General Curtis Hill previously said all CBD products are illegal in Indiana, with the only exemption extending to people with epilepsy on a new state registry. After confusion about the legality of CBD oil, Hill wrote an op-ed clarifying the state’s standing.

Lawmakers are trying to pass a bill this session that clarifies the term “controlled substance” to not include CBD oil so Hoosiers can legally purchase it.