2 firefighters hurt while battling large fire in Columbus; businesses destroyed

Update on Thursday, January 25, 2017: Firefighters remained on the scene overnight applying water to hot spots. Due to safety concerns pertaining to building conditions, the investigation was postponed until this morning.

At 10 a.m. an excavator arrived at the scene to assist in removing collapse debris. As the excavation process continues, investigators hope to gain access to the Carpet Mania portion of the complex.

Both injured firefighters were treated and released last night.

COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Two firefighters were hurt while battling flames at a business complex on Wednesday afternoon. The cause is still under investigation.

Officials say one firefighter fell and the other firefighter suffered a sprain while working, but they're going to be okay. Everyone in the complex made it out safe.

Officials say the fire started inside a business, Carpet Mania, just before 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.  The flames spread to a CrossFit Retaliation Gym, Home Health Depot and Advantage One Imaging Center.

Because of their efforts, officials say four of the six business suites in the complex were saved. The other two are a total loss.

Overall, 56 Columbus firefighters were called to the scene. 30 of those freighters were off duty and called to help.

The cause remains under investigation and damage estimates are unknown.