Court docs: Greenfield mother abused children while ‘messed up’ on drugs

Jennifer Quinn

GREENFIELD, Ind. – A Greenfield woman was arrested after she repeatedly abused her children while high on drugs, according to court documents.

Authorities began looking into the case after a detective with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department received a DCS report in reference to an investigation of neglect by Jennifer Quinn, 36.

Investigators interviewed Quinn’s son who told them a few months ago they all moved in with Quinn’s boyfriend. A month later, she quit her job, and she has been on a “downward spiral.” That’s when he started to notice his mom was using drugs, according to court documents.

He proceeded to tell police about multiple outbursts. She acted paranoid and repeatedly told him he was “wired;” she made him leave the house; told him he “was going to amount to nothing;” and she attempted to stab him.

Quinn’s daughter told investigators that her mother made her pack her bags and leave the house. Also, on another occasion in which she was “messed up,” she threw a softball bat and a lit cigarette at her.

On each of these occasions, the children would call a relative to come pick them up. One family member told investigators Quinn’s behavior has changed drastically in this past year due to drug issues. She said Quinn has made up outlandish stories and says people are after her all the time.  She said her goal is to keep Quinn’s children safe, and she hopes Quinn gets the help she needs.

Quinn faces two Level 6 felony counts of neglect of a dependent and one Level 6 felony count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Her next court appearance is scheduled for March 19, 2018.