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Lawyer: ‘El Chapo’ wouldn’t be a threat to jurors

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Notorious drug cartel boss Joaquín Guzmán, more commonly known as “El Chapo"

NEW YORK — Notorious drug cartel boss Joaquín Guzmán, more commonly known as “El Chapo,” would not be a threat to any jurors during his upcoming federal trial, according to his lawyer.

Fox News reports prosecutors asked Brooklyn Federal Court Justice Brian Cogan to impanel an anonymous jury and provide them with armed guards to and from a secured location. The prosecution cited El Chapo’s history of violence and instances in which he’s tried to kill witnesses in the past.

But El Chapo’s lawyer, A. Eduardo Balarezo, says this “sends the message to each juror that he or she needs to be protected from Mr. Guzmán.” Balarezo wrote in a recently filed motion that the jury could infer from this that El Chapo is dangerous and guilty, according to Fox News.

He faces wide-ranging charges, including criminal enterprise and international cocaine trafficking.

The judge hasn’t ruled on the motion yet. El Chapo’s trial is scheduled for September.

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