Food bank gets facelift after companies give surprise donations to thank volunteers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Volunteering can be a thankless job, but one local food bank just got a big surprise gift.

Construction is underway at Midwest Food Bank after faith-based non-profit Kaleo just handed over more than $20,000 to spruce up a kitchen and office space used by some 2,600 food bank volunteers. The 10-year-old food bank hasn't really focused on itself since opening its doors.

"We've really kind of just neglected some of the stuff that was here to focus more on our mission," said John Whitaker, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank.

But what happened next was a big surprise to the folks at the food bank.

The generous gift kept growing when Lowes stepped in and offered to match the grant and donated cabinets, sinks, and labor to do the work.

Majestic Stone Imports also donated $8,000 worth of granite counter tops.

"It's just a real blessing to see how God has multiplied that gift," said Whitaker. "We do more with less, so people with less can have more. Well, the way we can do that is because the community supports us."