Police: Bloomington man confesses to murder after Vietnam veteran is stabbed to death

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A Bloomington man is behind bars, accused of murder.

Police say the suspect stabbed a 64-year-old man to death inside a home in Bloomington on Friday.

Officers were called to the 500 block of West 6th Street after David Pierce, 64, was found dead in his apartment.

"You just never know when this sort of thing can happen.  It happened right under our noses," said neighbor Lonnie Summers.

Lonnie, who lives in an adjacent apartment under the same roof, says his wife overheard the deadly fight.

"She heard banging noises like someone was being thrown to the ground," said Summers.

After learning that Pierce died, Lonnie planted a tiny American flag in the ground outside because Lonnie says Pierce was as a Vietnam Vet.

"This man served our country and from what I know he was gunner out of a helicopter," said Summers.

Following the murder Bloomington police identified 51-year-old Jeffrey Hahn as a suspect and say Hahn confessed to the crime.

"He admitted to the fact that he stabbed and killed the victim in the case," said Bloomington police Lt. John Kovach.

According to police, "Hahn stated that he and Pierce had been smoking synthetic marijuana, or 'spice,' and had gotten into a physical altercation."  Hahn then left the home, but allegedly returned a short time later.

"After Mr. Hahn left, he came back to get his spice.  That’s what he told us.  That’s when another altercation took place.  Mr. Hahn struck him, knocked him down and ultimately stabbed him with the knife in the neck," said Kovach.

For his part, Lonnie recalls talking to Hahn just hours before the murder, during which he says Hahn made some unusual comments. Lonnie is just relieved an arrest has been made.

"He was talking out of his head.  He said Jesus something and Satan something," said Summers.  "It was eerie.  It really was.  It shook me."

Hahn was booked into the Monroe County jail on charges of murder and theft.  He allegedly stole the victim's phone during the crime.

Hahn is being held without bond.