New month new pattern; Two cold fronts pass before the weekend opens

Wind gusts have peaked at 41 mph in Indianapolis Wednesday afternoon but a wind shift is coming.   The first of two cold fronts will pass early Thursday morning.   A second front arrives Thursday night.
Our temperatures neared and surpassed 50-degrees in many locations for the final day of January.   It was an interesting month - at one point the coldest ever on record and 11-degrees per day below normal.    We cut the deficit in half over the past two weeks.    January 2018 will end closer to 3-degrees per day below normal and among the coldest 30% on record.
There is colder and more moist air moving in overnight.  The cold will wring out all the moisture in the air and we could see a few sprinkles, patchy light rain and flurries developing after 1 am.  With temperatures reaching the freezing mark in some locations by daybreak, some patchy freezing drizzle possible.
That is a arctic front out to our west - and brings the coldest air in two weeks to central Indiana.   Low temperatures dip to the single-digits Friday morning along with sun-zero wind chills.  Oh, and clear skies for Groundhog Day Friday morning!
The cold looks much more persistent in the opening week of February.  Upper air forecasts keep the coldest core of air poised to surge south well into the middle of February!   Colder air will definitely bring more snow chances - a sticking snow is being monitored for Saturday evening and night.