Fishers couple shocked when $1,000 lotto prize turns out to be $1 million

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Fishers couple was shocked when they thought they were claiming $1,000, but lottery officials slid across a $1 million check instead.

Cindy Ooley and her husband, Steve, went to Hoosier Lottery’s headquarters to cash out their lottery win that was found in an old drawer.

Hoosier Lottery officials began interviewing Cindy about her win, which is standard procedure for a prize of that amount. Then Steve looked down at the table, where there was a ceremonial big check.

Cindy was mid-conversation when Steve realized what the check said.

“That’s not $1,000,” Steve said.

The check in front of Steve and Cindy had six zeroes…not three. Lottery officials explained to Cindy and Steve that they won $1 million.

“This is nuts. This is crazy,” Steve said.

Cindy was at home clearing out a desk drawer when she found old Powerball tickets. When she reviewed the Powerball ticket from the Sept. 23, 2017 drawing, she told Steve she had a $1,000 winner and they should drive to Indianapolis to claim it.

Neither realized the true prize amount until they saw the check.

Cindy purchased the winning ticket at Meijer, 1425 W. Carmel Drive, in Carmel, where she typically buys her Powerball tickets.

Her ticket matched all five numbers except the Powerball number.

With little time to react to the news, Cindy and Steve were unsure what their plans would be for the $1 million prize.