Black Hair, Let’s Care: Tanae Howard celebrates culture, heritage of natural hair during Black History Month

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – You might notice FOX59’s Tanae Howard rocking a different hairstyle these days. The kinky, curly style is her natural hair, exactly how it grows out of her scalp. No heat, no straightening.

You usually see Tanae wearing 16 inch Cambodian extensions or extensions cut in a short bob. And if it’s her natural hair, it’s straightened with 450 degree heat.

Well, this Black History Month, Tanae had the idea to celebrate the beauty of her natural hair texture. She removed her extensions and Alizabeth Toles at Naturally You Salon styled her curls.

Tanae realized this was still a necessary conversation when she went on social media just this week and three different friends posted about someone trying to touch their hair. Solange Knowles even wrote a song about it and we’ve even reported on two sisters in Massachusetts who were suspended from school for wearing braids.

This Black History Month, we’ll take a journey together as a community and explore the stereotypes, myths, and the celebration of a beautiful culture that admittedly doesn’t always embrace what they were born with.