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CBD advocates voice support after proposal moves forward, say CBD oil helps treat migraines, epilepsy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– CBD oil advocates gathered at the Statehouse on Tuesday to show their support for a bill that would legalize sales in Indiana.

Senate Bill 52 passed the state Senate on Monday, 35-13.

Rep. Jim Lucas authored several CBD bills this session, including HB 1137.

The bill builds upon a law passed last year which legalized CBD oil for people diagnosed with epilepsy.

Lelah Jerger said CBD oil has helped control her daughter’s seizures. Her daughter, Jaelah was first diagnosed with epilepsy in July 2017.

Lelah Jerger and her daughter, Jaelah.

“On very minimal amounts of the oil, three drops in the morning to three in the night of this oil, she went from having over 50 seizures a day to two a day,” said Jerger. “That’s huge because when you see your child  jerking throughout the day, it terrifies you, you’re scared. Epilepsy is scary anyways so to have any type of decrease is huge.”

The law would only allow the use of CBD oil with 0.3 percent or less of THC.

“I’m fighting for the Hoosiers here in Indiana,” said Bobbie Young, the founder of IndyCann. “It’s the right thing to do. CBD has been used for thousands of years. It has long stance proved its medical purpose and I believe there are parents here crying out for the need of CBD for their children.”

Jason Straw is a board member for Indiana NORML. He said CBD products have helped treat his migraines.

Jason Straw, medical cannabis advocate.

“Last year, I started taking some CBD products, which after about four to six weeks, I saw a real impact on my migraines,” said Straw. “I went from having 20 a month to less than three. As long as I’m taking the product, I’m good. If I stop, the migraines come back with vengeance.”

Straw said the use of CBD products also helps address the opioid crisis.

“If we make medical cannabis legal, then they have another option to choose from,” said Straw. “All we want is another tool in the toolbox to allow these doctors to help people who have no other options.”

SB 52 now moves to the House for further consideration.

Meanwhile, two other bills related to CBD products, (HB 1214, HB 1137) have passed the House unanimously and are now circulating through the Senate.

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