Danville police using ‘driver feedback’ sign to curb speeding

DANVILLE, Ind. – The Danville Metropolitan Police Department is taking a “different” approach to curb speeding drivers.

Tuesday, the department installed a “Digital Driver Feedback” speed sign along a stretch of Lincoln Street, which officers say is notorious for speeders. The sign posts a driver’s speed followed by emoji-like characters providing “feedback.”

“If you’re doing the speed limit or below its going to give you the smiley emoji, then obviously if you’re speeding it’s going to flash for you to slow down and it’s also going to give you a negative or a frown emoji,” public information officer Nate Lien said.

The digital sign also records data about what time of day drivers are speeding the most. Lien says the department plans to use the data to help better target their speed enforcement patrols.

“That will give us a chance to not only increase the concentrated patrols that our officers already do, but it’ll give us a better location and a better time to pinpoint when its problem,” Lien said.

Lien says the department has had an issue with speeding and accidents on certain roads. They hope the new sign can grab drivers’ attention and encourage them to do the right thing.

“We felt like getting one that’s doing that is kind of connecting with the times that we’re in, connecting with the youth that we have in today’s society and connecting with the community in a better way other than just telling them to slow down.”

The department says it plans to move the feedback sign to different locations in the next couple weeks to help gather data in common speed zones throughout the town. If the sign proves successful, the department plans on buying more to stage at multiple locations.