Indiana teen needs lifesaving treatment as insurance company debates how much to pay, if anything

Feel good update - On Wednesday afternoon, Jake's mom said Caresource Insurance and the hospital came to an agreement.

They go to Cincinnati Thursday to begin treatment!

Original Story: 

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – A local teen is fighting for his life and an insurance claim stands in the way of him getting lifesaving treatment.

Jake Anders, 16, is dealing with his second brain tumor in the past four years. This time he needs a special treatment that was out of network for his family's insurance. And now time is ticking as the insurance company decides how much they'll pay for his treatment, if they pay at all.

"So I just feel like the insurance, every day they stall is taking away more from his possibility of life and a better treatment," said Jake’s mother, Amy Anders.

Doctors found Jake's second brain tumor back in December. This time, Jake needed pencil beam proton therapy that will target the tumor without damaging other parts of his brain.

The treatment is offered at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The hospital has welcomed the family but they either need an insurance payment or $180,000 up front.

"To us that seems like an astronomical amount of money but I know with enough people working together I believe in miracles and that would be one," Amy said.

For the past three weeks, the family says Caresource insurance has told them they're working on the case.

"It feels like you're in a hard place and to not be able to help your child to get the treatment you know that can give him more time is just heartbreaking and it makes you angry at the same time," Amy said.

The family's GoFundMe page has raised more than $12,000. During one of the toughest battles of his life, Jake says his only concern is his family.

"Even if I don't get what I want, the life expectancy that I want I'd rather not have my parents and family hurt because they had to pay almost $200,000 to get this treatment," Jake said.

The family says they haven’t heard an update from the insurance company in about a week. For now, Jake is getting radiation locally but it’s not beneficial to his overall treatment.