Artifacts moved from Soldiers and Sailors Monument due to flooded basement

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A leak that sent water into the basement of a historic monument in downtown Indianapolis has prompted curators to move a collection of artifacts documenting Indiana’s role in the Civil War.

The Indianapolis Star reports that the Soldiers and Sailors Monument’s artifacts, including a cannon, were moved a few blocks north to the Indiana War Memorial.

J. Stewart Goodwin is the executive director of the Indiana War Memorials Commission, which oversees the 284-foot-tall (86-meter-tall) monument. He says that the basement area that houses the Col. Eli Lilly Civil War Museum will flood when it rains a couple inches.

The 115-year-old limestone tower and its grounds were named to the National Historic Landmarks list on Jan. 11. It’s the largest of more than 200 Civil War memorials in the U.S.