The warm air leaves as quickly as it arrived

It’s easily the warmest day of the week and the warmest day of the entire month, so far. Snow is quickly melting and we’re seeing some sunshine make an appearance.

After temperatures top out in the lower 50’s, we take another plunge to freezing. A cold front passing tonight will sweep away our warmer air almost as quickly as it came.

Temperatures will fall quickly into the lower 30’s tonight and we’re back to below average temperatures by Saturday.

We’re looking at a cold and messy weekend. Mainly, we’ll be dealing with fog around tonight but some slick roads aren’t out of the question.

A few spots of light snow or a wintry mix will pass through central Indiana tonight and tomorrow morning, but big impacts will arrive Sunday morning. Right now, it looks like most of the precipitation will fall as freezing rain or a wintry mix. However, our northern counties could see snow totals of an inch or more.