A slick start to Sunday

Wintry weather is working its way to Central Indiana. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from after midnight until early Sunday afternoon. Most of the precipitation will fall as freezing rain through tomorrow morning. Accumulations will be light, less than .10″ of an inch. However, that’s plenty to create slick roadways.

Our times of greatest coverage of freezing rain will happen between 5 A.M. through the morning.

Areas farther north will see more of a freezing rain/sleet or a sleet to snow mix.

Some spotty freezing rain/snow showers will linger through the afternoon, then we dry out and clouds begin to thin. It will be a cold start to the work week. Temperatures Monday morning will plunge to the teens and wind chills will be in the single digits.

However, we are watching a warming trend through next week, which will bring us several shots at 50-degree warmth by Friday.