Mid-way through February and a change is underway; Warmer and wetter soon

Ready for a change?  As we near the mid-way point of February it has been chilly.  The month is averaging 4.5° per day below normal.  Tuesday was only the 3rd day this month above - but there are many more milder days coming.

The cold pattern is easing and milder temperatures will begin take hold this week. It is in the longer range that a more substantial pattern shift is in the works.  The latest 6-10 and 8 to 14 day outlooks in today from the NWS Climate Prediction Center outlines a 80 to 90% probability of above normal temperature through the final week of February over the eastern U.S.!

It looks warmer but wetter, showers will be light by Wednesday night but really ramp up on Thursday when coverage will reach 76%  of the area by 2 pm.

Early next week looks even warmer but rain could be significant.  No ignoring the rainfall totals off our machines.  Spring-like flooding could be in our near future, we will monitor trends.