Cold and snow to start the weekend; April-like pattern next week


A February feel has returned to open the weekend and it feels nearly 40-degrees colder than Thursday. Nice while it lasted, and if you enjoyed the April preview, be patient - it will be back soon.

Colder air is back and a fast moving system will make it look like February by Saturday Afternoon. Clouds are to thicken then light rain and light snow or a combination of both will develop by early afternoon. while temperature will remain above freezing, accumulation of any wet snow would be light.

The speed of the system takes the precipitation out of the area by 1 am but it will be around for any evening activities.  We bracket the hours of 1 pm to 12 am with light rain developing and mixing to wet snow then ending as drizzle and/or a light wintry mix around 12 am.


The second half of the week will be an improvement with a warm front moving north Sunday night. Rain chances surge by sunrise Monday along with the temperatures. A string of 60-degree days will unfold early next week but the trade off is rain.

The rain threat is high and will reach its peak in coverage and intensity by early Wednesday. Spring-like warmth and rain will also bring some early flooding. Rainfall of 2" to 4" is possible by late Wednesday. We will monitor. Have a great weekend everyone!