How local apps can save money when you shop

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Walk around your local mall or any store and you can save big money.

The key is using what most all Americans carry with them on a daily basis: a cell phone.  Of course, like anything in life, the more time you put into it, the more you can save. We have several free apps you can download to help you save when shopping.

The first app is called FLIPP, which helps you plan where you want to shop.  For example, it has the deals from newspapers or deals you'll find online.  It delivers the circulars from more than 800 local retailers weekly.

“You can go ahead and flag those in advance and see what the circulars have.  You can also see what are the weekly ads and actually flip through them and say, 'OK, I want to stop here, here and here.'  It helps you make a game plan as you're heading out to the stores,” said Steve Van Dinter, a tech expert with Verizon.

How about this saver?  If you are already at the mall and haven’t planned ahead, there's an app called RetailMeNot.  As the name implies, it’s for people who don’t want to pay retail prices.  It uses your GPS to know where you are, and where the savings are nearby.

“It’s a great app.  All of a sudden your phone flags you and says, 'Hey, did you know you can get 20% off here at JC Penney or $10 off a $30 purchase at Bath and Body Works?'” said Van Dinter.

That $10 coupon was the exact one available for Bath and Body Works on the day FOX59 went to Castleton Square Mall. We helped several customers save money by showing them the app.

“I thought the RetailMeNot app you showed me was wonderful and easy to use. I just saved $10.  it was just that easy so I’m going to download it for use everywhere,” said shopper Deanna Totton.

Some of the savings are based on percentages instead of dollar amounts. That means a 10 to 20 percent coupon can add up to a lot of money on a big purchase.

Here’s another item to download that helps you know if you’re getting the best deal on a product you’re about to buy: Shop Savvy.

“What you do is you pick up the product that you want to purchase, then scan the bar code.  It will show you the price both at nearby stores as well as prices on-line. That’s when you make the decision, where do you want to buy,” said Van Dinter

Here are two more money saving apps you can get on your phone. You can buy e-gift cards at a discount from several sites including RetailMeNot.  Someone didn't want the card, so they sold them at a discount.  Then you pay less for the card, but it still has the same value.

Finally, there's the Go Simon app specifically for Simon Malls. It tells you what's for sale and where.