Purchasing a home

Whether you are thinking of buying an older home, a newer home, or something in between, there are important factors to consider when making that decision. Nancy Mutchmore, a trusted advisor from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Indiana Realty fills us in on what to look for when you’re shopping for homes.

Mutchmore says being proactive is important when looking at an older home. “If you are looking at an older home that is about 50 years old, or if you are looking downtown, you want to look at the foundation and look out for sewer lines because they could be crumbling,” Mutchmore said. “You also might even want to look at the electrical and see if it has tube and knob wiring.”

In younger homes, you still want to make sure the home is in good shape. “You want to look at the roof and the basement to make sure there are no moisture issues. You can visually see if the home has been well-maintained by the seller,” Mutchmore said.

If you’re considering building a new home, you will want to be specific with your choices.  “Make sure the painting is done well, and that your cabinets are installed correctly. The nice thing about building a new home is that the builder will walk through with you at the end and make sure it is in good shape,” Mutchmore said.

No matter the age of the home you choose, Mutchmore recommends not skipping the home inspection.  “A home inspection is important and is a big part of the process too. You just want to make sure you carefully evaluated the home and make sure that is it in good shape as you move forward to purchasing,” Mutchmore said.