Spring is in the air as record warmth brings heavy rainfall

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Spring is in the air!

We will have a record temperature before sunrise. A record warm minimum temperature that stood for 88 years will be shattered Tuesday morning. Forecast low 60-degrees (Record 50-degrees in 1930) is 35-degrees above the normal of 25-degrees!

We’ll be warm and wet with late April/early May-level warmth here on Tuesday. The front stalls west for now and allows temperatures Tuesday to near the record of 72-degrees set in 2016. Temperatures Tuesday will run at late April to early May levels. The average high of 70-degrees arrives on May 5.


Soaking rains are already underway with well over 1" of rain in Lafayette by late Monday. The pipeline of tropical warm and wet air will be locked in and will create very high rain totals through Wednesday. Areal flood watches for 2 to 4 inches of rain have been issued for northern Indiana and the risk for localized flash flooding is quite high over north sections of the state.

Rain will ease at times and there will be rain-free hours too on Tuesday especially from I-70 and south. Rainfall will become more area-wide by early Wednesday morning.

Rainfall will end briefly as colder air returns starting Wednesday. Even with a cool down coming temperatures are to remain mainly above normal for the next two weeks!


Have we seen the last of winter? I'm never convinced until we get into week two and three of March but winter weather lovers may continue to be terribly disappointed.

WINTER will be on hold here through end of the month. Likelihood of ABOVE normal temperatures is quite high through March's opening days.