The Suite Life: St Elmo Steak House

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- St. Elmo is a “must visit” for a lot of famous folks when they’re in Indy.

You’ll sometimes catch them in the main dining room.

Often, though, you won’t even know they’re eating there because they’re seated in one of the restaurant’s six private dining rooms where servers cater to your every need.

“There are up to six servers that are swarming around that table throughout the evening to make sure that everything you need is there,” said Richard Edwards, general manager at St. Elmo.

If you’re Peyton Manning, you don’t even have to walk through the restaurant to get to your table.

“This is a an exclusive entrance to our lower level private dining area,” said Kirsten DeWitte, private dining manager at St. Elmo. “There’s a special code that he has for access down to the lower level.”

On that lower level is where you’ll find two St. Elmo’s six private dining rooms.

The Wine Cellar Room is where Peyton ate after Colts home games with family, friends, and sometimes teammates.

Because of that, even today the space is highly sought after.

“I get calls and they’re like ‘Can I sit in the Peyton Manning room?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s known as the Wine Cellar Room’,” said DeWitte.

Looking for something to do after dinner in the Wine Cellar Room?

VIP’s can wonder through the actual wine cellar that holds 10,000 bottles of fine wine.

Just on the other side of the wine cellar is another private dining space—The Directors Room.

“A lot of people want to be here and close those big deals,” said DeWitte.

Just to the right of the The Directors Room, up a couple flights of stairs, and down another hallway, you’ll find what's known as The Card Room.

“We actually named this room in honor of Bon Jovi—he and Cher dined with us many years ago and would play cards after their show,” said DeWitte.

Up on the second level of the restaurant you’ll find a private dining room with a view.

“We have the iconic St. Elmo sign right outside this window. I think that speaks for itself,” said DeWitte.

Vice President Mike Pence even likes to enjoy a good steak with a view of that iconic sign there in The Huse Dining Room.

Private dining is very popular at St. Elmo. With space at a premium, so is the cost for the private dining experience.

“We have food and beverage minimums for all private dining rooms. This room in particular would be a $1,000  food and beverage minimum,” said DeWitte.

But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

At St. Elmo general manager Richard Edwards says, you get good food, world class service, all topped with a bit of nostalgia.

“There aren’t many restaurants that are steeped in the tradition that we have," Edwards said. "So many people have come through here since 1902--116 years."