UPDATE: missing 7-year-old boy found safe and unharmed

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A 7-year-old Indianapolis boy who was reported missing Tuesday night has been found unharmed.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police said the boy was at his day care the whole time. His family blames poor communication for the problem. Seven-year-old Jimaurio Laye was supposed to get on his bus and head to his family's apartment; instead, he got on the van to go to day care as he's done in the past.

The boy's mother said she called Fox Hill Elementary School shortly after her son failed to arrive home. She checked repeatedly with school officials and the transportation department who she says informed her the bus driver witnessed her son and a fellow student get off at their stop.

In reality, Jimaurio mistakenly got on the van to day care where he remained until well after his normal pick up time. The day care's owner said staff didn't immediately realize the boy wasn't supposed to attend on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Jimaurio's family reported him missing and started searching the area with relatives who traveled in from out of town. IMPD pushed out an alert describing what Jimaurio wore on Tuesday, explaining he had reportedly been seen near his northwest side apartment.

The day care owner received a phone call from school officials around midnight, inquiring if the boy had been there, and after a series of calls, Jimaurio and his mother reunited at the day care facility.

"If I would have known they had him, or the school would've at least told me they didn't put him on the bus," said Jimaurio's mother, "Somebody could have told the truth and said 'we messed up.' That's fine. We're human, we make mistakes."

Now the boy's mother wants answers from the school as to how exactly her child was allowed on the day care van when she claims she informed them ahead of time he was supposed to ride the school bus.