City-County Councilor calling on local, state officials to fix pothole problems

INDIANAPOLIS,Ind. - A city-county councilor is calling on local and state officials to fix the city’s pothole problem. This is after she says calls to repair the roads in her district have gone unanswered.

Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer says she’s been reporting potholes in her district for at least a month but there’s been no action taken to fill them. In a twist of irony, she says she burst one of her tires on a pothole after meeting with the head of DPW to discuss pothole problems.

“It was one of the worst flat tires I’ve ever had and I was only going about 15 miles an hour,” she said.

Pfisterer says she’s concerned about the burden placed on drivers and taxpayers when roads remained unfixed.

“There are school buses, there are fire trucks there are trash trucks that go through here, and damage to them, while its significant to the individual its much greater to the tax payer when it’s a fire truck or a school bus,” she said.

DPW spokesperson Warren Stokes told FOX59 that part of the issue with the delays in fixing potholes is that the agency’s attention has to be focused on maintaining and repairing major thoroughfares.

He also pointed to frequent weather changes as reasons for delays.

“It’s really on those fluctuating temperatures. Last year, we weren’t seeing as much but this year its just been a whole other thing that we’re dealing with,” Stokes said.

Stokes says the department is planning a resurfacing project that will cover 90 miles of roadway this spring when conditions are more consistent. He says the agency is asking drivers to be patient in the meantime.

“We’re trying to balance it out as much as we can but we know that there’s going to be delays with some potholes,” he said.

Earlier Wednesday, DPW announced they would be conducting another pothole blitz starting Monday February 26th.

During the last pothole blitz, the agency said they were able to fill more than 30,000 potholes. Stokes added that the best chance residents have to get potholes fixed in their area is by making sure to report them.

To report a pothole in your area, you can visit here.