Fishers firefighters save heart attack victim while grocery shopping

FISHERS, Ind. – Sometimes, life is all about being at the right place at the right time.

That was the case when a few Fishers firefighters heard a call for help over their radios while shopping at a Kroger store on Olio Rd.

After realizing the man was suffering a heart attack inside the exact same store they were shopping at, the firefighters dashed into action.

Firefighters got to the man in less than 60 seconds to perform CPR and saved his life.

“Normally, a response time for us would be  3 or 4 minutes for about anywhere in Fishers. We have stations all over the place but this was one was less than a minute so that was a big deal,” said Capt. Jamey Burrows.

The department said they be everywhere at all times, so this is a good reminder for people to take a CPR class and for businesses to invest in AED’s.