Wild temperature swings this winter could be behind all those potholes

We set another record high Wednesday at of all times, 1:30 am in the morning.  An 88 year old record fell when we held at 69°  just before rain and a cold front swept through the city.  By afternoon we had fallen 30°!

The temperature swings this winter have been incredible.  The big temperature tug-o-war could be one of the largest contributing factors behind the numerous pot holes.

This winter now headed to the record books tied for 6th LARGEST spread in MAXIMUM to MINIMUM temperatures.  It has been 25 years since we’ve had winter with such a large spread.

From the -12° (January 2nd) to Tuesday’s 77° (February 20th) that’s an 89° SPREAD.   It ranks among the largest for the time span of December first though end of February, meteorological winter.

Rankings include

1) 1882-1883 97°

2) 1982-1983 95°

3) 1992-1993 92°

4) 1949-1950 90°

1970-1971 90°

5) 1877-1888 89°

1975-1976 89°

2017-2018 89°