Thief armed with handgun, wood board ambushes home contractors on the job

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two home contractors were robbed on the job in Indianapolis.

The victims were assaulted at gunpoint at a home near Tibbs and Washington on city’s near west side.

The pair was hard at work renovating a home when a man wearing a ski mask stormed inside and held them up at gunpoint around lunchtime on Wednesday. The victims say the thief came in with a simple demand.

“He just tell me don’t move and put your hands up. I put the hands up you know,” said victim Kevin Caceres Vigil.

With Kevin's hands in the air, the suspect grabbed a small board and warned Kevin not to turn around.

“Little bit I looked and he hit me. He said, ‘Don’t look at me,’” said Caceres Vigil.

“A lot of people come in here to see the house and I don’t know why somebody come in with a gun you know,” said the other victim Edgar Zavaleta Garcia.

Edgar says he was working in another room when the intruder surprised him. The impatient thief then got mad at Edgar for not moving quick enough and lashed out, hitting him twice with the board leaving red welts on his back.

After grabbing both men's wallets and cash, the suspect ran out of the home and down the street.

No arrests have been made, but both Edgar and Kevin are relieved they weren't more seriously hurt and returned to work the day after the frightening run-in with the short-tempered crook.

“It was scary because we have to work in here every day,” said Caceres Vigil

“It’s scary because with the gun I can do nothing,” said Zavaleta Garcia.

Unfortunately, police did not have detailed suspect information to release, but anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.