Frankfort police stepping up overdose response investigations

FRANKFORT, Ind. - Law enforcement in Frankfort is planning a new way to crack down on drug dealers.

Starting next month, Frankfort police said they will treat every overdose call where opiates are believed to be the cause and Naloxone is administered, whether fatal or non-fatal, as a potential crime scene.

"We're gonna eventually find out who it is that's dealing these things and putting it on the streets for these people that's unsafe," Captain James Skinner said.

Last year, police said they responded to 57 overdoses and administered Naloxone 24 times.

"We've seen too many people die from this," Deputy Chief Scott Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker said officers will first treat an overdose call as a medical scene. If they've used Naloxone officers are then to contact the narcotics division and treat the scene as a potential crime scene.

"From there what we'll do whether it's search warrants of a potential crime scene, getting phones, cell phones, we're gonna go after the dealers," Shoemaker said.

The goal is to identify more dealers and build stronger criminal cases against them.

"The goal of this obviously is to figure out who, we know certain visitors are bringing the heroin in but we want to be able to get them right away," Shoemaker said.

Clinton County Prosecutor Anthony Sommer said the new guidelines will benefit the community.

"I think that those kinds of investigations have already resulted in charges being filed for possession of paraphernalia and substances," Sommer said. "There have been occasions where because of the stress of the moment that evidence hasn't been collected and received and so charges could not be filed. This protocol should try to avoid those kinds of problems in the future."

Police said they're also bringing on a new officer, which will let them increase the number of detectives in narcotics and criminal investigations.