Tim and Dylan remind us about the importance of simple kindness

Every Friday morning you’ll find 11-year-old, Hope in the front window of her house. She’s waiting for two very special friends, Tim and Dylan who are the light of her week.

 Hope was born with a congenital heart disease and has had close to 20 surgeries. Every Friday, she greets the guys as they stop in front of her house. 

Tim from Ray’s Trash Service say, “We get a lot of kids that come out and watch us but not like her she comes out waves, says hi.  It makes our day just 10 times brighter.

In November, the guys even surprised Hope with presents for her birthday.  Hope's mother says Tim and Dylan remind us about the importance of simple kindness. "They’ve shown me I need to pay attention to my own day, who needs a smile, a wave.  They remind me that being kind is really important and really how to show love."

Tim and Dylan's friendship with Hope is born out of a little girl’s struggle and two young men who just want to be a blessing. Dylan said, "It all goes back to what my mother told me.  Treat others the way you want to be treated, the way you would treat your family."

Fox 59 and Community Health Network honor Tim O'Conner and Dylan O'Conner as the February Fox 59 Community Hero of the Month Award.

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