Court docs: Girlfriend of murder victim helped set up beating after discovering social media messages

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Hae Di

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Court documents show a series of messages over social media by people posing as their significant others led to a planned beating that resulted in a man’s death.

The body of Mehn Dae, 19, was found on Feb. 22 in the 1100 block of North White River Parkway West Drive, near White River. On Feb. 24, Hae Di turned himself in at the Marion County Jail.

According to court documents filed in the case, police went to Dae’s home and notified his brother of the death. Dae’s brother told police he had spoken to him on Facebook the day before he was found. Dae told him he was planning to meet a girl at her house.

The brother gave police the address of Dae’s girlfriend. They went to inform her of her boyfriend’s death, and learned the two were having issues. Documents show she found a message on Dae’s phone from a couple of days prior with a woman, talking about getting together. She responded to the messages, posing as Dae, and learned the woman had a husband and was planning to meet Dae while he was out.

Dae’s girlfriend went to the planned meeting spot on Watergate Place but left after about 45 minutes because Dae was not there.

When Di was interviewed by detectives, court documents show he told them he discovered a man was sending messages to his “wife/girlfriend” on Instagram. Police later found she is the mother of Di’s children and his girlfriend, but not his wife.

One of the messages asked for her address to he could come over.

Di, pretending to be his girlfriend, responded to the message and provided the address. Di met Dae outside the home and was very angry. The documents show he told Dae that he was the woman’s husband. The two spoke for a little while before Di’s brother-in-law and two friends showed up.

Di then invited Dae to come with him and his friends to the river for a drink and to continue talking. Dae accepted and they all left in Di’s car.

After stopping to pick up a bottle of alcohol, they went to White River off of 16th Street near a waterfall and some railroad tracks.

The group hung out at the river for a few hours, drinking and talking about a variety of things. Di and Dae became intoxicated and Di was still angry. Court documents show he eventually punched Dae a few times, but didn’t remember it all exactly due to his level of intoxication.

Di said they left Dae at the river and he woke up the next day to learn his brother-in-law had also kicked Dae a few times. According to Di’s girlfriend, injuries on his face happened after he got home.

Di’s girlfriend learned later that Dae had died. When she told Di, he “did not feel good about what happened” and turned himself in.

When he showed up at the police station, officers found he spoke little English. Court documents show he speaks Karen, a dialect of Burmese.

“No court, I turn myself in,” he told authorities. “The guy they find in the White River. It was me. I kill him.”

Homicide officers noticed Di’s clothing was dirty and there was a red spot in the center of his grey hoodie. He also had injuries to his face, including a cut on his eyelid and a blister on the end of his nose. He also had a broken finger nail with dried blood surrounding the nail.

When police interviewed Di’s girlfriend, they discovered she had received a message from Dae on Nov. 20, 2017 that read “Hey.” She said she only knew him on Instagram, not personally.

No more messages were exchanged until Dec. 18, 2017 when Dae asked for a screenshot of the text he’d previously sent to her. No more messages were sent until Jan. 16, 2016 when she sent Dae two photos of herself. Dae replied on Feb. 8, and court documents show on Feb. 19 he asked for a picture of her vagina. She replied “no” and said she had a husband and kids. This was the day Di learned of the conversation and started posing as his girlfriend to lure Dae into meeting him.

When Dae’s girlfriend discovered the conversation on Feb. 20, she replied and identified herself. She threatened to expose the conversation. Di’s brother-in-law then got involved and used her account to say he intended to fight Dae if and when he saw him.

Dae’s girlfriend told him to go ahead and fight him, and agreed to delete the messages so Dae wouldn’t see the chat history.

Di’s girlfriend was at the apartment when the two men met, and saw them through the window when the group drove off. She says she was told Dae had been kicked twice and “just wanted to sleep at the river,” according to court documents.

The brother-in-law told police Dae was pounced n the face approximately seven times by Di at the river. The brother-in-law then kicked Dae twice and said he was “knocked out.” Dae’s eyes were closed and he was not moving. During the incident, Dae did not fight back. They checked if he was still breathing and moved his body so it wouldn’t be hit by the car as they backed out and left the scene.

Dae’s official manner and cause of death is yet to be determined by the coroner’s office pending a toxicology exam.

At this time, Di is the only one facing criminal charges in this case. The Marion County Prosecutor’s office charged him with one count of reckless homicide.

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