Wisconsin teen creates door-locking device that could save lives during shootings

SOMERSET, Wis. – A Wisconsin teenager developed a door-locking device that could potentially save lives during shootings.

Meet Somerset High School senior Justin Rivard. WCCO-TV reports he invented a tool he calls JustinKase after noticing a flaw in his school’s security plan.

“The main problem was all these, all these kids in a building who have nothing but a door to keep them safe,” Rivard told WCCO-TV.

He was concerned that any barriers they put up against the door could be easily slib back if a gunman shot out the lock. So he created a device made of steel plates and connecting rods. It slips beneath a door and causes the door to jam. Rivard hasn’t found anyone who is able to open the door.

According to KARE-TV, his school district was so impressed, they ordered 50 devices.

Each JustinKase device sells for $95.