Sunday alcohol sales begin this Sunday after Gov. Holcomb signs bill into law

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– For the first since Prohibition, Hoosiers can purchase and carry out alcohol at grocery stores, package liquor stores, convenience stores, drug stores and restaurants.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill Wednesday afternoon, telling Hoosiers there was “no reason to cross the border any more” to buy alcohol on Sundays. The law went into effect immediately upon its signing.

The sales will be allowed from noon to 8 p.m. at retail locations.

The Senate concurred with changes to Senate Bill 1 with a vote of 38-10 last week, just two days after it passed the House.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers (IABR) chairman says small business package liquor stores have been preparing for this change by updating work schedules and preparing to hire, train and license new employees.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long issued this statement:

“Modernizing Indiana’s alcohol laws has been long overdue for our state, so the passage of Sunday sales is a strong step in the right direction. I am thankful to Gov. Holcomb for signing Sunday sales into law today. Congratulations and thanks are also in order to Sen. Ron Alting and Rep. Ben Smaltz for their dedicated and focused efforts to move this bill through the legislature successfully.”

IABR issued this statement:

“It is time for Sunday Sales. The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers is proud to have worked vigorously with legislators and policy-makers on behalf of our loyal customers to achieve the historic result of allowing Hoosiers to purchase alcohol for carryout on Sundays.

“This is a landmark piece of legislation and we are grateful for the leadership of Governor Eric Holcomb, Chairman Ron Alting and Chairman Ben Smaltz as well as each chamber’s respective leadership who were able to bring together all stakeholders to navigate the difficult legislative process.  With this result, we are confident that the long-fought legislative battles over alcohol policy are over.

“Indiana’s small business package liquor stores have been preparing for this outcome for months by updating work schedules and, if needed, hiring, training and licensing new employees that reach the highest standards of safety as required by Indiana law.  Neighborhood package liquor stores have been responsible merchants of alcohol products since 1933 and are ready to open our doors on Sundays for the first time.  We are eager to welcome our loyal customers.”

Indiana Democratic Part Chairman John Zody issued this statement:

“The third worst quality of life in the nation. Stagnant wage growth that cost Hoosiers $5.4 billion in lost earnings last year. These are challenges that require leaders to act with bold vision. Hoosiers expect their elected officials to step up to the plate and prioritize the issues that matter. This session, Indiana Republicans refused to even swing the bat. It’s shameful that this appears to be a top priority. With timid leaders like Governor Holcomb and a state facing massive structural challenges, Hoosiers might just need a stiff drink.”

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