Think Indy potholes are bad for drivers? Imagine being a motorcyclist

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Motorcyclists and cyclists are starting to hit the roads and say the potholes around town are a massive safety hazard.

Mike Hickman has been riding motorcycles for years and says he’s never seen potholes this bad. He says riding his motorcycle around Indy this time of year is scary and that motorists needs to be more aware.

“Cars are not cognizant that bikes are out yet and they’re swerving to miss the potholes to avoid damage to their vehicles,” says Hickman. “For a motorcycle, If you a hit a pothole, you can actually bend the forks in, pop a tire and it’s about guaranteed that you’re going to go down.”

Tony Odom is a motorcyclist and owns Fancy Cycle in Indianapolis. He says motorcycles and potholes don’t go together.

“It’s enough that you have to worry about traffic, other people and pedestrians, but now we have to look for potholes,” says Odom.

Odom says if motorcyclists plan on riding during pothole season, that ride in the daylight, slow down and use common sense to stay safe.

Motorcyclists aren’t the only ones voicing their concerns, so are bicyclists.

“It’s just crazy,” says Mark Moriarity with Indy Cycle Specialist. “It’s crazy enough for cars, but especially for bicyclists and motorcyclists.”

Moriarity says with numerous crater-like potholes around town, he’s avoided riding his bike. He says if a bike were to hit a pothole, the rider could easily flip over the bike’s handlebars.

“When the wheels go into the hole, it’s no big deal,” says Moriarity. “It’s coming out. When we hit that eight-inch deep pothole, we’re just going to flip our bikes and that’s very dangerous.”

Moriarity says he hopes the potholes will get filled sooner rather than later, so he can get out on his bike and not fear getting hurt.

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