Father of Deputy Pickett’s accused shooter: ‘I am truly sorry for Anthony’s actions’

Anthony Baumgardt (Photo courtesy of the Hamilton County Jail)

DARLINGTON, Ind. – The father of the suspected shooter of Deputy Pickett told us he is truly sorry for his son’s actions.

“Will you please include my deepest condolences to Officer Pickett’s family, the Boone County sheriffs department, all the hero’s of the blue line and the community? I am truly sorry for Anthony’s actions. He destroyed a lot of lives in one second with his decision,” Robert “Bo” Baumgardt Jr. told us.

On the night of the shooting, Baumgardt Jr. took to Facebook to express his sympathies to Pickett’s family and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

“I am just numb,” he says in the post. Read it below.

On Sunday, Anthony Baumgardt was moved from the Boone County Jail to the Hamilton County Jail.

The post reads (sic):

“To all my Facebook friends and loved ones. Thanks for all your calls, messages and concern for me. I am just numb. But please know my concerns are for the Officer and his family, not for Anthony. For his kids who do not get to see their father tonight, or ever again.

My Thoughts, Prayers, Apologies and My Heart goes to The Officers family and the Boone County Sheriffs Dept for their loss of their loved one and brother in blue.

Please send your concern and Prayers to them as well.
Thank you Love you and  I am so sorry. -please share”