Winter to make big comeback this week; Warm streak will be snapped

Despite increased clouds and a brisk east wind, today's temperature will enter the books as another above normal day.  This is now 16 consecutive days have been above normal.
The mild pattern actually dates back to just before Valentine's day.  19 of the past 20 days have been above normal.   The average temperature since February 13th is the 3rd warmest for the dates!
Winter looms and is lurking to our west and a huge pattern change is about to unfold.  Several states are under winter advisories that even include blizzard warnings late Monday night.
We will remain on the warmer side of the storm through Tuesday but much colder air will come roaring in by Tuesday night.   Temperatures will run as much as 12 to 15-degrees below normal starting Wednesday with snow showers around, even a few vigorous ones - some localized accumulation could occur especially Wednesday afternoon.