Sun King’s decision to make tap rooms kid friendly sparks debate online

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local brewery is welcoming a new crowd – kids.

The Sun King Brewing Company just announced its downtown Indianapolis tap room is now kid friendly. The announcement caused adults to go at it on Facebook. The co-founder of Sun King, Clay Robinson, says they've talked about the move for more than a year now, in an effort to accommodate more people who'd like to visit the brewery.

Robinson says the reaction to the announcement of Facebook exploded.

"We actually thought that no one would pay that much attention because Sunday sales hit on Sunday and that was the big alcohol news in the world and honestly our announcement on Facebook has had more interaction and reaction than anything we've done in a really long time," Robinson said.

The post racked up more than 500 reactions and nearly 100 comments with people stating their stance for or against the decision. Reactions were also mixed inside the brewery. One woman even said it would become a day care center. Bill Miranda disagreed.

"I have zero issues with it. It looks likes based on the little signs here, the kids are not allowed in the bar area which makes it just a family restaurant," Miranda said.

Sun King has a two-way license which is what most restaurants with a bar have. The key requirement is for a separation from the bar area which Sun King has with 21 and up zones. Robinson says the move will be good for the early Sun King crowd who may have children now including his own 6-month-old daughter.

"It's not as though we've turned it into a Chuck E. Cheese. There's not ski ball and there's not kids birthday parties it's something that parents who maybe want to have a beer or visit with friends can come in and bring their kids with them and we think it's a great opportunity."

All locations, including the new locations coming to Carmel and Fishers will now be family friendly.

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